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Why Jimmy John’s Is Better Than Subway

(And Jersey Mike’s May Top Them Both)
Why Jimmy Johns Is Better Than Subway

This story is written solely to counter a previously published article on The Scarlet Ink. Jimmy John’s is, indeed, better than Subway. 

Subway’s slogan “Eat Fresh” is a lie. Most of their food options don’t appear to be fresh. Since they are just sitting out in front of you, you can actually see what they look like. Whenever I’ve gone, the vegetables appear brown on the edges and old. Aside from all of these negative things, it is nice to be able to choose exactly what you want on your sandwich. Subway does give the consumer lots of different options.

Even though you don’t get these options at Jimmy John’s, there is no beating Jimmy John’s bread. This can almost top all of Subway by itself. Jimmy John’s seems more organized than Subway since you must order a predetermined sandwich. After ordering, Jimmy John’s truly is “Freaky Fast.” Although you cannot choose every topping that you want, Jimmy John’s is really the better choice because of taste and their sandwiches are more filling. 

Although there has always been a dispute over whether Jimmy John’s or Subway is better, I believe that Jersey Mike’s potentially tops them both. Jersey Mike’s definitely tops Subway since the restaurants themselves are fairly similar. Jersey Mike’s has fresh veggies and choosing to have your sandwich “Mike’s Way” is very good, much better than anything Subway has to offer. On the other hand, Jersey Mike’s vs. Jimmy John’s is a close one. They are both too good and too different to really compare. That being said, if Jersey Mike’s had as good of bread as Jimmy John’s, it would seriously be “The Sub Above.”

As you can clearly see, when choosing a sandwich place, Subway is not recommended. Go to either Jimmy John’s or Jersey Mike’s instead. 

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