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The Ice Cream War

Ice Cream vs. Soft Serve vs. Custard: Which Is Best?
The Ice Cream War

With summer approaching, many high schoolers’ minds wander to the great outdoors, soaking in the Sun, and the nice feeling of a cool dip into a pool on a hot day. What goes great with all of these things?–Ice cream, of course!

Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in America. There are so many corporations that produce it in so many different colors and flavors. If you can think of it, there is likely an ice cream flavor of it. Creameries have it all from simple vanilla to rocky road or from refreshing key lime pie to the crazy mac & cheese (ew!). 

Ice cream is considered the general category of frozen-milk treats, but there are so many sub categories. Traditional ice cream is made with simply milk, sugar, and cream. It’s found at places such as Whitey’s. Custard is a type of soft serve that can be found at places like Culver’s. The main difference between ice cream and soft serve is that soft serve includes egg yolks. The only difference between soft serve and custard is the ratios. Typically, soft serve contains a higher sugar content than custard. A popular soft serve chain is Dairy Queen, famed for their “Blizzards.”

In the summer, ice cream is usually the most preferred choice out of the three because of how refreshing it is on a hot summer day. Custard and soft serve, however, seem to be more preferred annually. 

In a recent poll of OHS students, it was decided that cookie dough is the most popular ice cream flavor with hot fudge as the favorite topping (with caramel sauce as a very close second). Students prefer to eat their ice cream in a dish instead of a cone. Sixty-four percent of participants favor Whitey’s ice cream over all others. Finally, and most importantly, students prefer normal ice cream over both custard and soft serve. 

Ice cream comes in many forms and is such a delicious, delectable treat no matter the form. How do you prefer your ice cream?

Ice Cream vs Soft Serve vs Custard: Which do you prefer?


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