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Best Prom Themes

Killian’s Unsolicited Sophomore Opinions

Since prom season is upon us, it is only fitting that prom themes are a major topic of interest. As an outsider looking in, here are some of my opinions of some of the best themes I’ve seen this year.

1. Tangled

I might have a more biased opinion on this, since Tangled is one of my favorite movies, but I just love this theme. I think it is one of the prettiest themes I’ve seen this year. I really loved all the lights and vines they included for the decorations.

2. Greek Gods and Goddesses

This theme might be a little more weird, but I think if it’s done right, it’s a really cool theme. It’s a little more unique than some of the other themes, and it’s a lot easier to dress up for, if you’re into that. The ivy and pillars schools use for the theme also adds more to the decor. Overall, I think it’s just a really pretty theme.

3. Flower Gardens

This theme is a lot like the theme of enchanted gardens we had last year, which I thought was really pretty, but I still think it’s very beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of different ways that schools have done this theme, and I think there are a lot of creative ways to do it.

4. Under the Sea

Under the sea might be a more common theme, but I think it’s still a cute one. It has so many good qualities, and I feel like you can’t really go wrong with it. Almost every recreation of this them I’ve seen is so cute.

5. Summer Festival

Although I haven’t seen as many schools with this theme, I still think it’s a really cute theme. I feel like you also can’t really go wrong with this theme, because almost everyone loves summer, and are looking forward to it at this time of year. I feel like there are also so many fun and creative ways to decorate for this, and I think it would just be an overall great theme.

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