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Rachel’s Senior Year Recap


Hey everyone! I am Rachel Bowers, and I am a senior here at OHS. As today is my last day of high school, I am going to do a little recap of everything that has happened this year, and share some of my favorite moments this past year.

August: Our Varsity Volleyball Team did a mud run for the second year in a row. I had so much fun this year, and the weather was much nicer than the last time we did it. Then, we took senior pictures for volleyball, which was a blast. It all hit me that this was my last time playing for Orion. The first day of school was boring, like always. It was emotional for me, as this was the start of my “lasts” of high school. We did a senior sunrise which was amazing. I love sunrises so it was special to spend one with my classmates. Volleyball started strong in the season. We won the Wethersfield Tournament for the second year in a row. It was amazing.

September: To be completely honest, September was all volleyball. Lots of games and practices. I don’t remember anything from September other than volleyball on top of volleyball. There were a few “Friday Night Lights” that I went to and enjoyed. They were fun, other than we didn’t win too many games.

October: October was an awesome month. First of all, I love fall. And the weather was changing in October, which always makes me happy. The vibes were amazing with the leaves changing colors and all the fall smells. I took senior pictures with fall outfits, which turned out AMAZING. We painted the barn on the 8th. It was super cold, and I had the worst headache imaginable. It was from all the spray paint. I got paint on my skin, and it didn’t come off for weeks. So, that was unfortunate. Homecoming week is always so much fun. Super busy with everything going on, but such a fun week. Homecoming was honestly horrible. Nobody actually dances, and the place we went for food was horrible. But, that’s ok. The 19th was senior night for volleyball. It was also my brother’s 16th birthday. It was a very emotional day. I am so grateful for all the experiences that Orion Volleyball gave me. Then, we won regionals…again. We lost in the first round of sectionals. Before I knew it, I would never put on an OHS volleyball jersey again. It was a very rough night for me. Halloween was the next day, and it was horrible. Simply because I was so sad. I am being completely honest when I say that I watched a Christmas movie on Halloween. Whoops.

November: I started off November with a fresh set of acrylics. That is always a good start. My club volleyball season started in November with practices. I had the honor to play in the Illinois vs. Iowa All Star Game at Beyond the Baseline. It was a fun night filled with awesome volleyball and many familiar faces. I had my Scholar Day at Central on the 4th. In case you didn’t know, I am going to Central College in the fall. Then, me and my family went to Silver Dollar City. That place is my favorite, and their Christmas season is crazy cool. I could write about Silver Dollar City for hours, but I won’t do that now. We went, came back for a week, and then went back a week later. My dad got invited to a Content Creator Day, so we went again. This time, it was just me, my brother, and my dad. It was so much fun, and many more memories were created. And of course, Thanksgiving. I love spending time with my family and friends. But, I also really love all the Thanksgiving food.

December: I was on team for a TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) weekend. I spent it with my best friends, and had an amazing time. I am so thankful for the impact TEC has had on my life. Then, it was Christmas. Christmas is so much more than the cookies and presents. Spending time with my family around Christmas makes me so emotional. Christmas is my favorite holiday because everyone is so joyful. Thinking about Christmastime brings me to tears. All the memories made with my loved ones is so special in my heart.

January: We rang in the new year. Having a new year is having a new start to things of your choice. I love making New Years Resolutions, and I have stuck to mine! Had a few volleyball tournaments local, which was nice. We went to Minnesota for a tournament, and had an awesome experience. I got to see some of my college teammates there. January was also the month filled with inches of ice and feet of snow. That was a crazy time for everybody. I didn’t leave my house for days. It was super nice to have a break though.

February: This was a pretty boring month to be honest. I got my prom dress while I was in St. Louis for a volleyball tournament, so that was very helpful. Every weekend I had a tournament. So it was a very boring month. Best part of February was a concert I went to with my dad. I went to see Phil Whickam, Benjamin William Hastings, and Pat Barrett. It was by far the best concert I have ever been to, and I wish I could relive that night.

March: My brother transferred to Alleman, which was a very big change in my life. I got very sick in March, and I missed a week of school. I got tested for multiple things, and it was all negative. So, it was just a bad sinus infection and cold combined. I ended my club season in March, which was a good thing. I did not have an amazing season, so I was glad that it was over. I went to Chicago to watch my cousin play water polo, which is so cool by the way. Easter was the best way to finish out the month of March.

April: On April 8th, I went almost 5 hours away to watch the solar eclipse. We wanted to be in the path of totality. When I tell you that was the coolest thing I have ever seen, I mean it. It was beautiful and jawdropping. The drive home was not fun. It took almost 8 hours because of all the traffic. I had the FCA Legacy Dinner, where I received the Faith and Leadership Award. It was such an honor, as FCA has impacted not only my life, but thousands of lives. We had prom in April. It was freezing cold for pictures, and the dance was not fun at all. But, after prom was super fun. I got my braces off the 23rd. I had waited for so long, and it was an awesome day. I also had my Freshman Orientation at Central. It was super fun.

May: May has been a crazy month. I started off the month by going to Moline’s prom. I went with a group of my closest friends who I met through TEC. It was the BEST DANCE I have ever been to. I had the time of my life, and I was so happy to spend my last ever high school dance with my people. We had awards night, where I received 2 scholarships. Once again, so grateful. I signed with Central on the 8th. I went to my cousins graduation last weekend, and I am so proud of him. It was in St. Louis, and he had around 450 kids in his class. The past week has been a whirlwind. I can’t believe I am done with high school. I am so relieved, because I have not had the best experience.

One thing I would want to tell everyone is that you are going to struggle with friends. It happens to everyone, and you need to realize the people that you want in your life. If you are in the wrong crowd, you have the right to leave. Do what is best for you. Sometimes doing the right thing is not the easiest thing to do.

Thank you for reading this. I am honored to have been a part of Journalism the past 2 years. Signing out forever!

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