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Interview with Spanish Teacher Jose Burgos


Jose Burgos joined the Orion High School faculty last year. He loves exploring nature, hiking tall mountains and bathing in rivers, playing the piano, cooking, and playing soccer in his free time. Here are some quick questions to get to know him more!

Q: How has teaching at Orion High School affected your life so far?

A: It has taken me to very diverse and remote places in the world, far from home. 


Q: What were some things you didn’t expect that you’d have to do as a teacher?

A: I would say, I think I always knew my profession very well. So really, nothing has been that unexpected so far.


Q: What are the differences in teaching normalities? (Venezuela VS America)

A: Some differences are the way classes are organized, the relationship between the students and teachers, the level of interest and dedication in sports, and the use of uniforms.


Q: What are your least favorite and favorite things about teaching?

A: My least favorite part about teaching is the grading. But, my favorite part is the potential I have to impact the students’ lives. 


Q: What makes a school day considered a “good day” to you?

A: A good day for me is when I am able to impact my students in some way. Another way is when I help students have some “A-HA” moments relating to language and culture. 


Q: Do you find it typical to have a life outside of teaching?

A: Yes, of course. I think everybody should have a hobby and an active social life outside of their place of work in general.


Q: What teaching accomplishments fill you with pride so far this year?

A: One teaching accomplishment I have is setting a good pace for my Spanish 1 class, another big accomplishment for me is that I have presented at a teaching conference in Chicago, Illinois, one more is that I am differentiating a couple of classes.


Q: Is mental health one of your priorities when it comes to your students and their assignments? 

A: It is, yes. Unfortunately, I feel that the pace of  the curriculum doesn’t help address students and their mental health.


Q: Has teaching changed your perspective on anything? 

A: It has taught me what really matters to improving our society, which is a well educated group of individuals who are able to make the best choices for themselves. 


Q: How much time do you believe your students spend studying and doing their assignments during the week? 

A: This is hard, I think it depends on the person, but I believe at least one hour after school each day.


Q: What’s your teaching style or motto? 

A: My teaching style includes empathy, resilience, and fun. 


Q: Do you get along with all the teachers? 

A: It’s hard to tell because we don’t get very many opportunities to interact with each other, but overall I do feel I get along very well with all of my peers.


Q: How do you balance your personal life with your teaching life? 

A: I try to take time for myself by doing things that are healing and nurturing to me after school, but I think that my job is already a huge part of my life.

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