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Anderson Silva Vs Jon Jones (Who’s The GOAT)


There has been a highly contested debate between who’s the goat Anderson Silva and Jon Jones.


Anderson Silva has some great feats which are the following: A record of thirty-four wins and eleven losses with one no contest which is a very good record especially with the guys he has beat like Chael Sonnen, Forrest Griffin, Demian Maia, Vitor Belfort, Nate Marquardt, etc, Anderson SIlva was also champion for 2,547 days which is the longest reign in UFC history, had a 16 fight winning streak before losing to Chris Weidman twice, second most title defences behind Demetrious Johnson and Jon Jones.


Jon Jones also has some great feats which are the following: as I already said/implied he is the guy tied with the most title defences in UFC history, Jon Jones has twenty-seven wins with only one loss which he only loss because the ref made a bad call, came back from his “break” and fought Ciryl Gane for the heavyweight champion and won, he also was one of the most dominant light heavyweight in the sport’s history


When Anderson was asked about Jon Jones he said this, “He’s an excellent fighter. I consider him like a younger brother and I believe he is the evolution of this sport

which doesn’t really imply if whether or not he would beat Jon Jones.


However, when Jon Jones was asked who’s better he said “My top 5? Let’s see here. If I’m allowed, I would say myself, Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Jose Aldo. Those are my favourites atleast.” which implies that he thinks himself as a better fighter then Anderson Silva and I personally agree.


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