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Valentina Shevchenko Vs Alexa Grasso


Valentina Shevchenko has recently fought Alexa Grasso and the judges, who are notorious for making horrible decisions, striked again as they made the fight a split draw when in my and others personal opinions went to Valentina Shevchenko. Now, the fight was great and Valentina still holds the title, but it still hurts when a fight this good gets derailed by a judge’s horrible decision. The champ (Shevchenko) had this to say after the fight: “From one side, I’m proud of myself because I fought the battle from the first second to the very end of the fight. I fought with all my heart, with all my soul. From the other side, it’s like frustration because I think three rounds I won” and I personally agree, she deserved to win this fight because she won the three rounds and in a pretty convincing fashion as well. Now I will admit she (Alexa Grasso) won two rounds, but usually when someone wins 3 rounds they win unless there is a 10-8 round. However, at the end of the fight Shevchenko was proving to be too much for her opponent in the 5th, and her opponent wasn’t able to deal out much punishment as shown in her comments after the fight ,”But in the fifth round, it was like four minutes or however many minutes stand up. She didn’t land one punch. She could only take the back position on what it was? The last minute or minute-and-a-half? I don’t remember now. But even there, it was not damage. It was not too much damage to (deserve) this 10-8. That’s why I said there’s this double feeling. On one side, I’m proud of myself. On one side, I’m frustrated from the judges’ decision. 

Now this fight was very recent and emotions are running high, and I’m sure some of you have seen or at least heard about this fight as it was a very high profile fight, so I’m curious as to your thoughts as I’m sure at least a few of you were able to view the fight, and again to restate my opinion the fight should have been given to Shevchenko.


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