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Alcohol Awareness Month


April, known for being the start of spring, having holidays such as Easter, and celebrating Earth Day. Also, though April is awareness month for alcohol. Alcohol is one of the many causes that can lead to someone’s death because of many different things, but two of the main ones being liver failure or alcohol poisoning. Did you know that one of the biggest things that an alcoholic will do is deny that they even have a problem? Denial is a big thing with them because they will deny that they even have a problem or that they don’t drink all the time. Also, denial plays a huge role with family/friends as well with the alcoholic because they don’t want to admit that their loved one has a problem or they just chose to ignore it. Alcohol can have short and long term effects on your body; short-term effects could be things like having trouble paying attention to things, mood swings, and raised blood pressure, while long-term effects could lead to having liver damage, cardiovascular disease, and having strokes. If you see someone that you know struggling with alcohol, here are some ways that you can help them: they are so many different types of treatments that you can get to help someone, one of the most popular ones is putting them in rehab that can make them go through an alcohol detox. After they have gone through the rehab process, make sure that they start going to AA meetings, so they can talk about the struggles that went through and what has helped throughout their journey.


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