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National Blood Donor Month


In the month of January we celebrate one of the most important things that any person could do for someone else, which is being a blood donor. Being a blood donor is basically when you donate one unit of blood that then gets transferred into 4 individual components, which then it could save multiple different lives all at once. This blood can cause many different things to occur that can save a person’s life. Some of these include: using the blood to help people you have lost blood due to trauma or surgery, using the plasma to improve blood clotting, and using the platelets to help those with cancer or recovering from organ transplants. When you are getting ready to donate blood, you need to be prepared for some of the questions that they are going to ask you. One of the things that they are going to want to know about is your health, lifestyle, and your disease factor risk. They are going to take your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse. Then, they are going to take a drop of blood from your finger to see if your blood iron level is good enough for you to donate your blood. If everything goes right, then they will take your blood, which is one unit of blood and it will take about 6-10 minutes. If you can donate blood, I highly recommend you do it, because you can be known for saving a bunch of people’s lives, just by donating one unit of your blood.


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