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International Stress Awareness Day


Although the day that you celebrate stress awareness day has passed (Nov. 1st), it still is an important thing to spread awareness about and I’m going to tell you why. Stress is when a person is having any sort of worry or any other mental tension caused by any difficult situation. There are different types of stress that a person can deal with, but the most common one would be chronic stress, which if not dealt with when noticed then it can cause serious health concerns. Multiple things can cause stress, some of these things can be depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, guilt, anger, and theft, but anything can really cause you to stress. One of the biggest things for me that causes me to stress all the time is school. I can either be stressing about this test that I just took, to then be freaking out about this homework assignment that I didn’t complete. I deal with stress all the time and sometimes this causes me to have problems with my mental health. Also, some common signs that someone is stressed is that they are either sleeping to much or not getting enough sleep, they may be also worrying about the most littlest of things at times, and they may be making poor decision or not being able to make up their mind. There are many different ways to help deal with stress, some may find that having someone to talk to is helping them, while others may say that having one of those fidget toys helps them deal with stressful situations easier. It doesn’t matter what you do to handle stress at least if it is helping them. Some of the other options may be trying yoga/meditation, finding a hobby, or trying exercising.


November 1st: International Stress Awareness Day


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