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UFC Getting Sued By Former Fighters!


The biggest MMA company in the world (UFC) is getting a class action sue against them by a ton of former UFC fighters like: Jon Fitch, Nate Quarry, Cung Le, etc. The UFC used tons of illegitimate methods in order to control the market when it comes to MMA services.


One of these methods was withholding wages illegally, and according to MMA Knockout,  “in essence, they’re alleging the UFC paid them a lot less than they should have, and that the UFC has formed a monopsony on the professional MMA market, which hurts all MMA fighters as a result.”


If this lawsuit goes to court and the UFC is found liable for the damages then the UFC will pay to 800 million to a whopping 1.6 Billion dollars in damages to about 1200 fighters.


This would be a huge step to be able to fight monopolies which is not a very good thing for consumers and if the UFC is found liable then we could have better conditions for fighters. These include having higher pay, better safety options, and fighters would actually be able to live without having to have another job. These things would be a very huge and good development when it comes to the likelihood of these fighters which would be great.


In conclusion, this lawsuit will determine whether or not we have more power than the monopolies or if the monopolies have a lot more power then us. In likelihood though this will most likely happen which would be very bad for us.

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