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OJ Simpson Dead at 76

O.J. Simpson, a former football star accused and acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ron, recently passed due to cancer at the age of 76.

Simpson was well known as a college and professional football player, sportcaster, and a movie/television actor. He became infamous for his trial accusing him of the homicide of his ex-wife and her friend and for his conviction for armed robbery, kidnapping, and conspiracy. The case regarding his ex-wife had Simpson seen as a prime suspect, seeing as in the days prior Nicole had called a domestic violence shelter in regards to finding a place to escape Simpson. By that point, Nicole had been keeping track of his abuse, and despite divorcing him, was still under his control. After their divorce, Simpson was reported to have been stalking Nicole, and months before her death, had been making reports to her mother about the abuse that she was facing. But, like in many other aspects of her life, Simpson had the approval of almost everyone in Nicole’s life. Nicole’s parents disliked the fact that the former couple divorced despite the parents’ knowing of the violence being inflicted on their daughter, her friends encouraged her to get back together with Simpson, and the police, who she called in order to report the abuse, cared more about Simpson’s celebrity status than Nicole’s domestic violence report.

After the acquittal of his case, Simpson decided to publish a book, “If I Did It”, which was supposedly supposed to be a hypothetical account of his experience with the murders, alluding to the fact that he might have gotten away with murder. It was soon after the book’s publishing that Simpson was arrested and convicted for armed robbery, kidnapping, and conspiracy. This incident occurred when Simpson and his crew of five men decided to steal some sports memorabilia he claims was his at a casino in Las Vegas. Apparently he claimed that h didn’t mean to hurt anybody or that he didn’t know that he was doing something wrong.

These cases, especially the former, have sparked a debacle of debates regarding race and gender because of the coverage and media attention Simpson was given. Many, now that Simpson has passed, believe that Simpson’s death let him off easy, seeing as he died somewhat comfortably in comparison to Nicole, who many believe was murdered by Simpson despite his acquittal. Simpson’s life and the charges he has faced are a great indicator of how our society has evolved and changed in regards to the perspective we see things. In regards to his death, I hope that his family is able to find some peace and closure, while the family’s of Nicole and Ron are able to do the same.

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