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The Many Health Problems of a Shar-Pei


Before getting a Shar-Pei you might need to learn more about them, especially all the health problems that may lead to having in the future. So, here are some of the problems that a Shar-Pei might face in their lifetime.

  • Entropion: How cute, look at that puppy with all those wrinkles. Yes, while they might look cute with all the wrinkles, did you know that it can cause the eyelids to roll in the back of their head. This is led by the fur on the eyelids/eyelashes that can cause it to rub on the eye, which leads to the eyelids rolling to the back of their head. You can easily correct it though by having them get surgery.
  • Skin Fold Dermatitis: All of those skin folds that the dog has are a great place for bacteria and yeast to bread. Which can cause the skin folds to trap all the moisture to then lead to skin infections. You should at least make sure to look in between the skin folds once or twice every week. You will know if the skin has an infection because it will be moist, red, crusty, and have an odor. You can take care of this issue by taking your dog to the vet and having the vet prescribe medicated wipes or medicated shampoo.
  • Ear Infections: They are also very likely to get ear infections, since they have such narrow ear canals. These too trap moisture, which creates bacteria and yeast. If you clean the dog’s ears every 1-2 weeks you can minimize the ear infection,

These are some medical conditions that you need to be aware of before getting this breed of dog. I hope you find these helpful and make sure to always do your research before getting any type of animal.


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