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Godzilla Minus One (Movie Review)

A Godzilla Film Has Never Been This Good

Mass devastation within the blink of an eye. Now sodom without reason. This is how Japan could only get lower, when they’ve plunged to zero – minus one. Godzilla is this sodom without reason for Japan. A net negative for Japan to endure. A beautiful film filled with melancholy and suffering. At the heart of the film is hope and sacrifice. An atmospheric score to bring the fear in the air to life. Compelling characters with a well written script, and amazing actors to portray the desolation of post-war japan.

An anti-war message that brings the ultimate sense of a country dealing with issues from within. The movie takes inspiration and homage to other films whilst still feeling very original. The opening scene, and the water scenes are reminiscent of Jurassic Park and Jaws. It is depressing and horrifying in the beginning, laying out the burden for the main character. Considered a disgrace of his country for not doing his duty in the war, he has to live with the events that occurred. Throughout the film there is hope and sacrifice threaded interchangeably within the story. The characters and Godzilla are perfectly connected together, making them integral to the story.

The VFX of the film are on the lines of Hollywood, but dare I say better in a specific way. The cinematography is on the lines of talent with Shin Godzilla. Sweeping shots are my soft spot, and they did them right. The whole movie is beautiful, but covered in a bleak, melancholic direction and tone. Under all the rumble and through the smoke is a beautiful film. There was a shot towards the end of the film, where I thought the movie could just end there.

I want to conclude with the fact that I got everything right. This movie is one of the greatest Godzilla films to date. Still, not one person knows about this film generally. The showing I watched was more than spacey in the theater. I am worried that the box office here in America will do subpar and maybe worse. The film deserves all eyes for not just Godzilla, but the movie as a whole. It is an incredibly somber drama that completely glorifies Godzilla in his heavy and threatening presence – just how he should be depicted.

You can read my predictions/expectations here


This is the Godzilla film

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