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How to Take Care of an English Bulldog


When people get dogs, they are getting them because it will bring something extra in their lives. While it’s either having a companion, getting it for the family, or wanting to be more active. But, what people don’t think about is all the extra things that come with having dogs, especially English Bulldogs. English Bulldogs are dogs that have a lot of different health problems, and they need to be groomed and cleaned on a regular basis. Today I’m going to be going over a few different ways of taking care of them, so you don’t have problems if you get one.

  • Breathing Issues: This is a common one with all dogs that have flat faces, including the English Bulldog. Since the dog’s face is flat it can cause problems in the airway making it harder for them to breathe. One of the different types of problems is called, hypoplastic trachea, which is basically when the trachea diameter is smaller than a normal one in a dog. Some signs to watch out for are if they are breathing noisy, they get tired easily, or if they are coughing.
  • Skin Problems: Since there are all those extra folds it makes it easier for them to get allergies faster. Some of the ways you can tell if they have allergies is if they are sneezing, and if they have running eyes. The best way to make sure that they aren’t having problems is to bathe them regularly, and when you aren’t bathing them wiping them down with gentle dog wipes.
  • Eye Disorders: The most common eye problem for any English Bulldog is the cherry eye. This is when the third eyelid becomes mispositioned, which then causes them to have a swollen pink mass in their eye. Sometimes the cherry eye can fix itself, but if not you need to take them to the vet so they can have it surgically removed.

These are some helpful tips that will make it easier to have an English Bulldog. By knowing these you aren’t going to be surprised if some of these issues come up in getting an English Bulldog.


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