The Importance of Choosing the Right Major

Choosing a major for college has always been a difficult choice for high school students to make. There technically isn’t a correct major, but there is a major for each person. It is very important to have interest and passion for your career and major choice. Selecting a major that you have no real passion for, but produces a lot of money in the long run is not a smart decision for the future. The negative effects of choosing a major you don’t really care about, is having no enjoyment from your job, or what you do in class. When this happens, you will get burnt out and won’t feel the need to continue in the career path; especially not for the rest of your life. The major that is decided needs to be extensively researched, and needs to be completely understood of what the major requires by the student. Another downside of choosing the wrong major, is the fact that once you realize you chose the wrong major, you have t0 start all over again in a new one, which just results in the last major being a waste of your time. According to, “When choosing your college major, you must carefully examine your personal interests, abilities and passions and decide whether your chosen major will allow you to successfully earn a living while maintaining job satisfaction.”.  The upside to all of this, is that once you choose the right major for you, then you will live a life where you can be happy and comfortable in all of your environments, including your workplace.