Ghost Stories


Karly Wampler, Writer

Ghost stories are something that everyone has heard about, but some aren’t true. Some people don’t believe in them, while others are heavy believers in them. Some ghost stories are scary and chilling, while some are funny and warm. Most people hear ghost stories that are from other areas, but there are some in this area that some don’t know about.

One ghost story happens right outside of Cambridge, Ill. People say that if you go to Death Curve at midnight, you will see a woman in a white, flowy gown, standing in the field. This ghost is said to be the spirit of Julia Markham. She still haunts this area because in 1905, she killed her 7 kids, and then set the house on fire to kill herself.

Another ghost story occurs in Silvis, Ill. There is apparently a ghost at the train yard, who is angry, and haunts this area. This ghost is the spirit of a homeless person who was murdered by another homeless person. If you go by the train yard at night, you can sometimes see him at different locations throughout the train yard.

East Moline, Ill has a ghost that haunts the fairgrounds. If you drive or walk by the fairgrounds at night, you will see the shadowy silhouette of a person moving. This spirit is usually found when the parking lot is empty. Nobody knows who this spirit is, or why the spirit is here, but it sure is a chilling mystery.

The Coal Valley post office is also a haunted place. People say at night when you go in the post office, you can feel someone pushing you out of the building. Also, people who are there alone at night have seen apparitions of people they know, but there is no one there. This sure is a chilling mystery of who this spirit is because the spirit keeps turning into someone else.

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Julia Markham – Death Curve