Summer Job Opportunities for Students

Summer Job Opportunities for Students

Alec Noyd, Writer

Summer break is just around the corner and so is college for a handful of us. Jobs at our age not only look good on a resume, but help you obtain important information outside of school. It teaches you good work habits, organizational skills, and helps you save money. A lot of parents are willing to cover for their kids and pay for their college while others have to pitch in on their own end, so what jobs are out there? The truth is many companies are looking for teenagers to work for them, and aren’t very picky about who they choose for part time or full time. Here are some of the jobs i’ve considered for a summer job.

Menards: Menards is a very smooth going and big place to work. The pay ranges from 11-15 dollars an hour which is good if you put in as many hours as you can. The business sells house items, groceries, and supplies. Even if this doesn’t interest you, don’t be picky because money is money at the end of the day.

Target: Unlike Menards Target can be very quick and busy, especially on the weekends, so if you want a more relaxed job I would avoid this. The pay is around 15-24 dollars per hour. This goes for being a stocker, or a cashier. Target is a typical grocery store selling anything from video games to food and clothes.

Gamestop: This is a very “Interest” job where if you don’t like video games, then this simply isn’t the place for you. If you do share an interest, then nothing is better than helping others out to find a game that best fits them, and give your take on it. The pay is 12 dollars for retail, and 17 for manager positions. If you like video games then being surrounded by them might make you want to come to work even when you don’t feel like it.

These are my top 3 job searches I would check out if you are interested in working.