MLB Lockout


Olivia Thomsen, Writer

Commissioner Rob Manfred of the MLB broke the news that the first two series for each team for the 2022 season will not be happening. This is due to the owner-lockout currently happening. This lockout started on the 2nd of December, and it is continuing. The MLBPA would have to come to a mutual agreement for the season for games to start for the 2022 season. If they agreed, the owners would lift the voluntary lockout currently happening today.

What does this mean for the players? All players are “locked out” of any baseball activity. They can not get into any of their facilities. They may work out, but not in their teams’ locations.

Why is there a lockout? During the postseason teams do not receive all of the TV profits when players only receive a small portion, and they believe they deserve more than that. Owners agree, and also would like to see more profit. This is why the owners proposed this lockout, to begin with.

Is there any progress? On Sunday a meeting took place and lasted about 90 min. This was the first proposal from over the past 3 months. Even though there was a decent offer made, the union won’t budge, and now continues to ask for more.

On CBS news, the executive of the MLBPA Tony Clark said, “The reason we are not playing is simple: a lockout is the ultimate economic weapon. In a $10 billion industry, the owners have decided to use this weapon against the greatest asset they have: the players.” That is a more simple way to explain this lockout. Therefore the regular season games will not start March 31st as planned. We do not know when this will end, but we are hoping it will be soon, so we all can enjoy baseball.