Civil Rights Icon Fighting To Clear Her Name


Haylee Denney , Writer

There are thousands of people who get in trouble and blamed for things that they did not even do, or for things that get blown out of proportion. This poor woman was arrested and later put on probation because she didn’t get out of her seat.

She was on a bus and later told that she had to move out of her seat for someone else. When other people noticed that she was not moving from her seat, they ended up calling the police. When they arrived, the police were questioning Claudette, and they decided that she was going to be arrested. The police later had to come up with a reason as to why they arrested her, and they ended up saying that she assaulted them.

This incident took place many, many years ago and Claudette is still trying to get away from it. When she was put on probation, she was never told when she was going to be off of it. Still to this day, many years later, she still has not been told that she is off probation for something she did not even do. It’s crazy that this woman was trying to sit on a bus and ended up having to fight this lifelong battle.