Hats are disrespectful? I think not!

Hats are disrespectful? I think not!

Hats are worn for the purpose of showing off your personality, comfortability, and sun protection. However, wearing one in school is known as disrespectful and not allowed. I am searching, giving my opinion, and talking about why hats should be allowed in school, and I’m not talking about my huge sombrero, although that would be nice. 

Hats, as I have said before, are seen as good to wear on a day you dont wanna do your hair, or are just nice to wear in general, or even goes with your outfit. Many people wear them outside of school and I have heard many times of people saying they wish they could wear their hats in school. I for sure haven’t seen a school that allows it, but maybe we can be a start to something at Orion High School. Now I won’t go on a rant to why hats are important to people but they could be something that meant a lot to someone. Next thing to ask though is, what is the problem with them?

The reason behind why so many schools don’t allow hats is because “Some schools and our elders say it is disrespectful because soldiers do not wear hats” according to the article BulldogBulletinOnline.  Now I wouldn’t ever disrespect a soldier, however why must a student be considered or compared to a soldier? Now for the Pledge of Allegiance I would make it mandatory to have it taken off during, but other than that it would just rest on top of your head as if it wasn’t there! 

So with all of this being said, I figured out about some of the problems which could easily be redirected. The keywords are “some of the problems” so please tell me if there were any I missed and I will try and think of a solution.

1. What if someone hid something in their hat to hide from teachers?

If a teacher had their suspicions on a student, they should be able to check their hat for anything they could be hiding. If they aren’t hiding something then congratulations!

2. Couldn’t they just rest it on their face and fall asleep in class?

Just give them a good wake up call by saying their name or hitting their desk if they should be paying attention.

3. Could one be distracting to other classmates?

We could run it just like shirts, ban ones that have inappropriate wordings, and only allow certain hat types like beanies, caps, and fedoras if someone wants.

However there is one person I will be quoting, and got the approval to quote, and that is Coach Hohl. He says, “Teachers are able to wear hats outside as usually they have more classes and stay outside longer, yet they can’t be worn inside. For students hats aren’t allowed inside or outside on school grounds during school hours.” This shows that it is a bit fair towards the teachers for wearing hats, which is the only hole in my argument… at least so far.