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kanye west vs taylor swift


Kanye West and Taylor Swift have had years of “drama,” which was posted publicly for fans and viewers to compare them to each other. Kanye West sings Rap and Hip-Hop. His most famous songs are “Runaway,” “Flashing Lights,” and “Gold Digger.” Taylor Swift mostly sings Pop and sometimes Country Pop. Her popular songs are “Shake it Off,” “Cruel Summer,” and “Back to December.” As the years continue to go on, it is clear Taylor Swift does not forgive Kanye for calling her a bitch and dissing her in one of his songs. I asked a group of students to give their personal opinions on both of these Popstars.


Treysan Barnes – Kanye West because he just has some really good songs. “Forever,” is actually one of my favorite songs. Taylor Swift just hits differently though.

Elexia Zeug – Kanye West, I just don’t like Taylor Swift. I really like “Runaway,” by him, though.

Kennah Kovac – Kanye West, I hate Taylor Swift. I’m an anti-Swiftie! 

Ryan Noard – I don’t like either of them. I guess Kanye West is funnier. 

Ayden Smith – Kanye West. I don’t even really like Kanye but I hate Taylor Swift. Taylor swift is in her 30’s talking about her High School relationships and Kanye has really good beats.

Gus Larkins – Kanye West, I guess. I hear more of his music. 

Lexi Christensen – Taylor Swift, I don’t listen to Kanye West. 

Killian Graff – Taylor Swift, Kanye is just kind of crazy. 

Cavan Terry – Kanye West, he gives out money to the homeless. 

Kale Filler – Kanye West, his music is just better.

Nolan Cook – Kanye West. Taylor Swift sucks. 

Tori Wilburn – Kanye West, I prefer his music over Taylor’s music. 

Levi Palmer – Kanye West. Taylor Swift is in her 30’s still talking about her old High School relationships. 

Carter Clark – Kanye West, I like him better because Kanye does rap. 

Lena Willett – Taylor Swift, her songs have more meaning than Kanye’s. 

Kadence Hammer – Kanye West because Taylor Swift’s annoying and I’m an anti-Swiftie. Kanye just has better music.

Gage Painter – Kanye West , Taylor ruined the NFL. The Chiefs’ should not have won. 

Brody Ossian – Taylor Swift because she’s just so good. 

Kamrie Whitcomb – Kanye West, Taylor Swift is just weird. Everyone likes her and I’m not a bandwagon. 

Emmett Gunter – Kanye West is just super overrated, overhyped. 

Roman Lee – Kanye West because he raps. 

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