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2024 senior questions

2024 senior questions

I talked to several 2024 Seniors and got feedback back from their school year. They shared some memories, advice, and more information about their senior experience. 


Describe what Senioritis means to you.

Rachel Bowers – Senioritis is when people just get on your nerves very easily and you just want to leave and never come back. 

Kristy Morizono – Losing your motivation to do anything during your year as a senior. 

Hailey Hock – Losing motivation to do your homework and just not even wanting to come to school anymore. 

Elle Irey – Just really tired of school. 

Kennedy Ketron – Leaving school as soon as possible.

Kylee Hanson – My fifteen absences as of right now.

Grace Passno – The week before spring break, I literally wanted nothing to do with school. I think it’s pointless. I don’t wanna do it and all my classes are slowing down. 

Owen Pfannenstiel – Really not caring about school at this point because it’s reaching the end of our high school education. We’re moving onto a different part in our lives. 


What has been the highlight of your senior year?

Kristy Morizono – Being able to be with all my friends and just have fun. 

Hailey Hock – Just being able to participate in different activities like football games, basketball games, senior night, and just seeing my friends. 

Owen Pfannenstiel – It kind of just drags. But, overall, all of the teachers have a similar mindset, being that we’re seniors, we’re probably getting senioritis, and they aren’t making school work very hard. 


What’s been the hardest part about high school?

Braylin Crose – Freshman year was the hardest for me. I think it was just because it was all so new. 

Elle Irey – PE class when Mrs. Nightingale makes us run outside. 

Owen Pfannenstiel – Dealing with myself, with my own personal struggles. In high school, it’s like your last years to really figure out who you are. Just anxiety about yourself and your future. 


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Rachel Bowers – So, I’ll be 27, I see myself definitely married. Hopefully I have a kid. I also want to be teaching at a school and just living my best life. 

Elle Irey – Hopefully married and really rich. 

Kylee Hanson – As a therapist. 

Emily Olson – A trophy wife!


What’s been the most useful thing you’ve learned in all your years of high school?

Rachel Bowers – Stay true to who you are because other people will change, but you shouldn’t change for other people. 

Kennedy Ketron – How to socialize. These are the years you can really just socialize with people.

Kylee Hanson – Consumer ED. 


What’s been the most useless thing you learned in your years of high school?

Rachel Bowers – Chemistry. I don’t know when I’m ever going to use that in my life. 

Elle Irey – All of history, every single history class. Mr P’s to be exact. 

Grace Passno – Everything in Algebra II and Pre-Calculus.

Owen Pfannenstiel – Accounting. 


What is some advice you have for incoming freshmen? 

Braylin Crose – Just don’t be scared because it’s not that big of a deal. Just stay focused on your classes so you don’t get behind in any of your classes and it’ll be pretty easy.

Kennedy Ketron – Don’t try to be someone you’re not, just be yourself. 

Kylee Hanson – Don’t be that freshman going for a senior. 


What trend are you most embarrassed about being a part of during high school?

Olivia Thomsen – Doing all those cringe tiktok dances in my bedroom and the nike headbands.

Delaney Taets – Crocs. 

Elle Irey – Freshmen year trends, we would just all say really dumb stuff. 


What’s something a teacher did or said to you that you’ll always remember?

Olivia Thomsen – It’s not really something he said, but during my Junior year of high school, Mr Hutton was very encouraging about everything. I think that’s definitely something I’ll take with me. He also just made math class so much more enjoyable. 

Hailey Hock – Mrs. Hutton told me to always try your best. 

Elle Irey – Mr. P failing me my junior year of highschool!

Kylee – Mrs. Harp yelling at me 24/7. 


Do you think high school is preparing you for college?

Braylin Crose – Yes, especially because I’ve taken a lot of college classes this year so It’s giving me something to expect in college. 

Kristy Morizono – Yes, I think it helps because it introduces you to the environment. Grades matter the most because it helps get into good colleges.

Grace Passno – Yeah, it’s just getting you into a routine and teaches you how to be prepared for things. 


If you could go back in time and change one thing during your high school experience, what would it be? 

Olivia Thomsen – I wish I would’ve attended more school events during my freshman year. 

Emily Olson – Never dating my ex-boyfriend.

Owen Pfannenstiel – I would slap my younger self. I’d have my younger self find things that I liked and actually stick with it until senior year. 

Kennedy Ketron & Kylee Hanson – How I dressed.


What’s the most challenging task as a senior? 

Olivia Thomsen – I think just planning out life after school and just college in general. 

Hailey Hock – Having to juggle school, having a job, and figuring out how to balance it all. 

Emily Olson – Being here every day.


What do you plan to do after graduation?

Rachel Bowers – Well, I’m going to Central College to play volleyball. I’m also studying child education. 

Kennedy Ketron – Being an interior designer

Kylee Hanson – University of Wisconsin. 


Overall, how did you enjoy high school?

Kristy Morizono – It was okay… I obviously don’t like doing the work, but I think the environment of being with your friends and chatting with classmates makes it better. 

Kennedy Ketron – I like it a lot actually. I’m going to say I hate it, but I’d seriously give it an 8.5/10.

Kylee Hanson – 2/10. It really is what you make it to be. 

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