Athlete of the Week

Athlete of the Week

Kaitlyn Wilburn, Writer

This week’s athlete of the week is Liz Wilbur. She is a sophomore and plays basketball and softball. Liz enjoys hanging out with friends and watching movies.

What position do you play in basketball?

” I am a post.”

What is your favorite part of basketball?

“Probably the aggressive part because you can let out your anger from the whole day.”

What is the hardest part of basketball in your opinion?

“Staying focused when you are running through the game and remembering all the plays throughout the game.”

Jump shot, free throw, or layup?

“Free throw because I can make it most of the time.”

Favorite sport themed show/movie?

Liv and Maddie for shows because it had a lot of basketball and Full Out for the movie.”

What do you do to get hyped up for games?

“We listen to music and talk about how we are gonna win and talk to each other and dance and play games.”

When did you start playing Basketball?

“I started playing basketball in second grade competitively but I have played my whole life. In fact, my first competitive team was all boys.”