Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

Kaitlyn Wilburn, Writer

This weekend, drama club presents 12th Night by William Shakespeare. The show times are November 2nd at 7pm and November 3rd at 2pm. 12th Night by William Shakespeare is a story about a girl shipwrecked in a storm who has lost a brother in the shipwreck. She then disguises herself as a guy and becomes a page of Orsino, who is the Duke. The cast has been working hard on this show since the beginning of the school year and would love for their fellow classmates and friends to come and support them in their performances. The cast consists of the following:

Lauren Dobbles as Captain

Emily Houdyshell as Viola

Joey Foley as Sebastian

Conner Scott as Sir Toby

Jamie Abbott as Feste

Hannah Passno as Maria

Katelyn Border as Fabian

Emily Canterbury as Olivia

Nathan Lundburg as Orsino

Nate Tapscott as Officer

Catie Johnson as Antonio

Drew DeKeyrel as Malvolio

Brandon Houdyshell as Sir Andrew

12th Night is the first of many performances in the drama department this year. The next performance will be the winter one acts, which is a series of one act plays directed and performed by the students here at Orion High School. Then, in the spring, they will be performing a musical called Little Shop Of Horrors. So, if you have an open day this weekend, you should definitely go see this play.