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For many people in Orion, pollution is not regularly on our minds. For the most part Orion is a clean town and we see little evidence of the issue, but it is there. It doesn’t take much effort to go out and clean up a block in Orion, or the other towns in the Orion School District. Assuming that we could convince a large percentage of the district to go out and clean up their own little area, we could make immense progress in making the environment safer for the wildlife and ultimately us.

A group of seniors will be taking action and going out to different places around our area to clean up any litter they can find. I would suggest for you to join them if you are free and willing to help out your community. If you would like information about when they plan on heading out, you can find posters around the halls that will tell you everything you need to know. Hopefully you can be there.

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