Bad News Bears

Kati Kratzberg

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The Bears had a disappointing loss in their first playoff game of the year. The final score of the game ended with the Eagles winning 16-15. Moments before the end of the game, the Bears decided to use their kicker, Cody Parkey, as their last attempt to score. Parkey missed the 43 yard field goal, which the NFL has now officially changed to a block by Treyvon Hester. This was Parkey’s 7th missed field goal of the season. Although Parkey was unable to do his job and finish successfully for the Bears, there were several other things that the rest of the team could have done before the final moments that could have given them a substantial lead and a successful win over the Eagles.

Offensively, the Bears were less than excellent. In the first 3 quarters they scored a whopping total of 6 points. The Bears gained a decent amount of passing yards but came up short when they ran the ball.  They were able to hold the Eagles to 10 and then each team found a spark during the 4th quarter, with the Eagles pulling slightly ahead. As a whole, the Bears failed to play to the best of their abilities which resulted in the loss of a game that ended their 2018 football season.

Check out ESPN for more of Cody Parkey’s stats.

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