Ranking the Pig Destroyer Albums


Parker Traman

Grindcore is a genre that inspires one of two reactions: “This is disgusting” or “This is art”. A style of music that incorporates every stale stereotype aimed at metal music, it manages to to sound absolutely beautiful despite the fact that most of the time it’s just war crimes with a musical composition. But when focusing on the premier acts in the genre, one name has stood the test of time and that’s Pig Destroyer. A band whose legacy transcends even the scene itself, Pig Destroyer has found itself to be easily one of the most accessible bands in the genre, with their blend of grindcore, goth metal, and sludge being a welcome addition to the sometimes oversaturated market that is scene music. So allow me, the genius of all things musical, to drag you kicking and screaming into my well-constructed opinion on the bands admittedly short, but very sweet, discography.

#5:) Head Cage (2018):

Sadly the band’s most recent effort is their worst, and by quite the margin I might add. The band has continuously been able to innovate and morph their sound with the current day, and well, metal music today is a little, how do I put this…copy pasted! The production here is surprisingly dull, reminiscent of the common traits surrounding modern metal production (one note and boring). The “grind” in grindcore doesn’t even feel present here. Honestly, you could skip this album and not miss much.

#4:) Book Burner (2012):

Here’s Parky Poo’s first Pig Destroyer album and sadly it hasn’t stood the test of time as I’ve ventured throughout the rest of the discography. The band’s first album with Adam Jarvis manning the drumkit, the album is consistent and fluid, however it loses some of the aggressive magic as Pig Destroyer always managed to make the organic musical sound a welcome addition, where with most bands it feels sloppy. It’s an odd change of space compared to their previous albums. Again, it’s not bad, but nothing super special.

#3:) Prowler in the Yard (2001):

What many consider the undisputed classic in the Pig Destroyer lore, their 2001 “true” debut is an amazing foundation to place. But here’s the issue: it’s a little bloated. I know, Pig Destroyer albums usually have twenty songs per, but the middle chunk of the album just isn’t very…good. The opening is fantastic, and the last couple songs tie the album up with a neat little bow.

#2:) Phantom Limb (2007):

If you want grindcore diversity, go here. I view this as the best beginner Pig Destroyer album, because it combines some great sludge, progressive, and metalcore elements. Along with that, “Loathsome” is their best song, bar none.

#1:) Terrifyer (2004):

The second best grindcore album ever made. Yes, it’s that good.

Eat Arby’s.