The Truth About The Show “Dahmer- Monster “


In the new Netflix series, “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” there are a lot of facts about Jeffery Dahmer; however, there are also a lot of things the show added that was untruthful. In the beggning of the show, they show Jeffery about to kill his last victim, Tracy Edwards, when he escapes and brings the police to Jeffery. The police search Jeffery’s apartment and find pictures of dismebered bodies and a barrale of acid ect. Jeffery agreed to telling the police all of his crimes and pleading guilty with all description. In the show Jeffery has a next door neighbor who seems to know exactly what is going on and has called the police may times on him but they never looked into it. In the real case Jeffery’s neighbor told the police she had no idea of the crimes Jeffery had commited; however, she had thought he was a little off by his actions. Jeffery had confessed to killing 17 young men and boys. One of his victims was a 14 year old boy which he drugged and had planned to kill when he ran away and people outside called the police. The police came and Jeffery Dahmer came out and claimed that he and the boy were dating and that the boy was 18. The police belived Jeffery even though the suspicions were clear and left on that note. According to, “A police officer dispatched the following back to headquarters, according to reports at the time: “Intoxicated Asian, naked male. Was returned to his sober boyfriend.” Jeffery was very manipulating to the police and managed to never get caught. Jeffery had a very unfortanaute home life that resulted in him growing farther away from the world. According to, “His mother, Joyce, severely suffered from postpartum depression, as depicted on the show.” This made Jeffery’s home life worse as he didnt have a stable mother to take care of him.