Johnny Cash Top 5 Songs

Johnny Cash Top 5 Songs

Emily Hickerson, Writer

Johnny Cash, in my opinion, is one of the best music artists ever. His songs are so real and catchy. These are Billboard’s top 5 Johnny Cash songs.

The 5th best song by Johnny Cash is “Jackson”. This song is said to describe the love story of Johnny Cash and June Carter. Johnny and June were a fan favorite couple and always looked in love at concerts. This song was performed as a duet between the two. This song may have been famously sung by Johnny and June, but they weren’t the original writers or singers of this song.

The 4th best song by Johnny Cash is “Hurt”. This song was a surprise for everyone. In this song, Johnny talks about his struggles with drug addiction and self-harm. This is one of Johnny’s deepest and more vulnerable songs. Not many artists can show their vulnerability as Johnny did in this song. I love this song and would highly recommend listening to it.

The 3rd best song by Johnny Cash is “Folsom Prison Blues”. This song led many to believe that Johnny himself had been behind bars at one point. The song talks about an inmate in Folsom Prison who wishes he could ride a train away from the prison. Cash wrote this song in 1953 while serving in the Air Force in Germany. Just to clear this up, Johnny didn’t spend any time in jail.

The 2nd best song of Johnny Cash’s is “Sunday Morning Coming Down”. This song is about a man who has a hangover and is coming down from that hangover on Sunday. This song was not written by Johnny Cash, just sung by him.

Finally, the best song by Johnny Cash is “Ring of Fire”. This song is a classic, and I would be surprised if anyone hasn’t heard this song. This song also wasn’t written by Johnny Cash but became famous when Johnny sang it. According to Johnny’s wife, June Carter, this song was about Johnny and June’s relationship. June said it felt like she was in a ring of fire when she was around Johnny because of his drug involvement.

Now that you know all these awesome Johnny Cash songs, I would suggest listening to at least one of these amazing hits.