Weirdest Dreams

Weirdest Dreams

Britani Trujillo, Writer

On average, a person dreams about 4-6 times each night, but how many do we actually remember, and which are the weirdest? This week, I asked a few people to share their strangest dreams with me. 


Bianca Schnerre- “One time I had a dream where a gigantic bumble bee was flying around my house and it stung my little brother and sister and they died. 

Extra context- “This dream made me appreciate my siblings more, because when I woke up I was like: thank god that was a dream.”


Haylee Denny- “So I was walking down the street and a huge gummy bear just came out of nowhere and ate me. He was see-through, so it was so scary.”


Hailey Schoutteet- “I was 8 and we all had no gravity. We were all in this space bubble and were jumping on trampolines and flying into space saying weeeeeee”


Ava Bollinger- “I had a pet rabbit apparently and a turtle, but I couldn’t have them both in the same cage because one needed water to swim and the other needed bedding to hop.”


Kaitlyn Wilburn-”I once had a dream where I went to McDonalds with my mom and all we got were fries. When we got the fries and went back to the car, the fries were cold, so my mom made me go back inside and ask for fresh ones. While they were re-making my fries, I went into this random backroom and I was stocking basketballs on these shelves. Then, I hear this one worker coming and I do a weird little squat-run out of the room and as I am leaving the room into the lobby, her worker friend stops me and shoves me on the floor. Once I am on the floor, both worker girls start whacking me with those teacher pointer sticks. Then, I am on the ground yelling at them to stop, but they don’t. Eventually I escape and leave. I get in the car with bruises all over, and my mom asks me, “Where are the fries?” and I forgot the fries so I went back in and got them. I got back in the car and we went home.”


Mrs. Kershaw- “I never have exciting dreams. A lot of times, I’ll dream that I had a totally uninteresting day. Like, I’ll dream I’m grocery shopping, there’s no conflict, some things are sort of on sale, and then I check out. And that’s it. Or I’ll be playing softball and I’ll get a single but then get out on second.”