Fork or Spoon?

Fork or Spoon?

Jennie Abbott, Writer

Spoons have been around since the Paleolithic era, which means the caveman used them! Years later, the spoon was evolved to create a fork. Although spoons were created first, debate still arises as to which utensil is more conventional. If you could only use either a spoon or a fork to eat the rest of the meals in your lifetime… which would you choose?


Here are some of the reasons why students think spoons are superior:

“Spoon because it’s the most versatile utensil. Like you can eat pizza with it if you wanted.” -Cole Kratzburg

“Spoon because you can eat anything with a spoon but you can’t eat like idk soup with a fork.” -Madeline Nightingale

“Spoons because they are just better” -Brylie Roberts

“I prefer big spoon -Kale Stropes”

“I like little spoon tbh. Big spoon isn’t comfy -Mary Mohr”

“Mmmmm spoon because I am feeling soup or like a dessert night now and I feel like you eat it with a spoon unless it’s like a cookie. I don’t eat cookies with spoons or forks.” -Abby Watson


Although the fork camp is smaller, their passion cannot be matched. 

 “Fork because it could be used as a spoon too. You can scoop things but still stab things too!!” -Ariel Nelson

 “Forks, just cuz.” -Mimi Carter

“FORK. Spoons do nothing and cannot pick up anything.” -Katie Christensen

“Fork because you can pick things up easier.” -Corbin Kane