November Pick Me Up


Jennie Abbott

Studies show that November is the most difficult month for teachers and students, causing burnout, stress, and anxiety. Instead of focusing on the less than pleasant aspects of school, I interviewed students to find out what is making them smile during the more stressful months. 


“Vet Science class period.” -Madeline Nightingale

“We named our brain (in Anatomy), Paula” -Anonymous 

“Someone in Spanish class (in October) said Haley VanDuyne’s name for an activity and Profe’s response was “Quien es Hayley” -Izzy Nordstrom

“Ty lost a one-on-one against Eli 12-2” -Anonymous 

“Keagan got a concussion from his own teammate” -Anonymous

“I hit a sign during drivers ed because I forgot to put the car in reverse.” -Anonymous

“Question of the day in 3rd hour” -Mrs. Kershaw 

“Christian weaponizing a marshmallow” -Payton Weaver

“Mr. P quote, “Every time you [Eleanor] open your mouth, I fall asleep and meditate” 

“Logan Gass lights comically large wooden stick on fire and flings it around” -Nathan Tapscott