Food Social Medias at Orion



As you may or may not know, there are a few students here at OHS that have social media accounts. These accounts range from healthy meals to just easy meals to make at home. This can be helpful if you are uncertain what to make for dinner, home alone, or for a quick breakfast before school.

Here are two Socials about food created by students here at OHS:

_eating_with_izzy created by: Isabelle Nordstrom

This is an instagram food account where Izzy makes a variety of different styles of food in a healthy way. The ingredients are listed in the descriptions of her posts, which makes it very easy to recreate her dishes featured on the account. Izzy also has a post on her page on her lemonades that she made over the summer. created by: Hayley Vanduyne

This is an instagram food account where Hayley shows us many meals and snacks she eats and makes. She has a feature on her page where she collaborates with _eating_with_izzy where they make vegetable mixed meal with avocados, tomatoes, and feta cheese. Hayley also has easy and healthy desserts on her page to make.

So, If you are ever wondering what to eat and you don’t want to eat something unhealthy, try visiting one of their pages for a healthy and delicious alternative.