Chipotle vs. Qdoba


Gabby McConaghy, Writer

Which one do you think is better? Chipotle or Qdoba? Well this week I went to both fast food restaurants and tried an item on their menu. At Chipotle, I bought a quesadilla with chicken on it. I also got some tortilla chips. At Qdoba, I bought  a quesadilla.


Lets start with Chipotle. First, Chipotle smells great when you walk in and all the tables were clean. When you got to the counter the people were so friendly. When I got my quesadilla, I was a little disappointed. I really dislike when restaurants put your food in aluminum foil because I feel like it gives the food a weird taste. Another thing I don’t like is the tortilla and the chicken was very spicy. The tortilla was pretty bland and its gross. The chicken is super spicy and I am really sensitive to spicy things. The one thing I enjoy are the chips. The are literally bomb! There is the perfect amount of salt and they put lime on the chips and they are just fantastic!

The next day I went to Qdoba. Qdoba was also clean but they seemed pretty tired and monotone. Their food was also kinda sloppy but I was hungry so I ate it. The quesadilla was pretty good but I probably would take Chipotle over Qdoba’s quesadilla. The chips were bomb too but I would rater eat Chipotle’s chips because they are s much better.

In the end, I think Chipotle is definitely better. If it wasn’t for their chips, they would definitely be at the bottom of my list. If you have any other restaurants I should try, definitely leave a comment!