Band Competition

Kasey Filler

The Band Competition on Saturday was at Geneseo High School. Our band did very well and ended up getting 2nd overall. They performed Believer by Imagine Dragons, This is Me from The Greatest Showman, Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance, and Victorious by Panic at the Disco. They barely missed placing first for best drumline and best drum major. I interviewed some of the band members and this is what they had to say about their performance.

“How did you feel after finding out you got 2nd?”

“We were very excited because that is better than we’ve ever done there.”

“How do you think the rest of the season is going to go?”

“We can only go up from here. We hope to beat Sherrard.”

“”What is your favorite song to perform?”

“Victorious, because it gets us pumped up.”

“Will you be performing any of these songs at disney this summer?”

“No, we will be learning a lot of disney songs to perform there.”

“How do you like the new band director?”

“She is great! She is very excited for everything. We’ve come very far since the beginning of the season.”

Their next competition is October 12th in Muscatine and they are wanting to do even better there. They’re super excited for the rest of the season.

Interviewed- Maggie Nedved, Hannah Passno, Tyler Thompson, and Amaya Verslus