Paradigm Lighthouse League


Drew DeKeyrel, Writer

This Saturday, at the Paradigm VR and eSports center, located at 320 East 2nd Street
Davenport, IA 52802, an Overwatch 6v6 tournament is being hosted. Admission is $20, but you do have a chance to win a decent sum of money. However, this tournament is not a solitary event. This event is part of a larger tournament called the Lighthouse League.

The Lighthouse League is “a 4-month circuit of tournaments hosted at the Paradigm VR and Esports center in downtown Davenport, Iowa. The Lighthouse League is the first major esports circuit to be held in the Quad Cities. Season 1 of The Lighthouse League runs for 4 months (January-April) and will feature 3 games fixed on separate Saturdays throughout the month” ( The Overwatch tournament is the second week of the League’s monthly rotation of games, with fighting games, such as Smash Bros or Tekken, as the first week, and Fortnite as the third week. Each of these tournaments take place on separate scheduled Saturdays, and if you would like a complete set of details pertaining to the League, they will be linked at the end of the article. If you are not interested in all three games, don’t worry, as you don’t have to participate in each tournament to score points for the League. Additionally, you are able to win prizes at each individual tournament. 

I have personally participated in a tournament hosted by Paradigm, and overall, it was an extremely pleasant experience. Since it was a smaller, Overwatch 4v4 tournament, the 1st place prize was $120 for the team, split between the four of us, but we all enjoyed the tournament even without the prize money. The staff at Paradigm are helpful, friendly, and genuinely want their customers to enjoy their time at Paradigm. The tournaments are well-organized and fair. I completely recommend visiting Paradigm if you ever have a free day or are interested in Paradigm.

In addition to the tournament that will be taking place, there is also VR you can pay to use. Typically, Paradigm will have an all-day deal, but do not quote me on that. Paradigm also sells hot dogs, chips, soda, and a few other concessions. Even if you are not interested in the Overwatch tournament this weekend, the Lighthouse League is an event that is exciting to participate in. Yet, if even you don’t like any of the games within the League, Paradigm still has many other events to offer. You can find a link to their website below.