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Foster’s Voice Motivates Others

Fosters Voice Motivates Others

As some may know, Foster’s voice is a non-profit organization that advocates for mental health issues and is on a mission to end the stigma that constantly surrounds mental illness. Foster’s voice comes from the story of the Atwoods. Kevin and Jaime Atwood lost their son, Foster, to suicide, after he had been battling depression and anxiety for a long period of time. Unfortunately, Foster’s mental health issues were hidden behind an infectious smile, which made it much more difficult to recognize his mental illness. To this day, his story motivates others to become more involved with mental health advocacy as well as being able to recognize signs that someone may have a mental health issue.

At the Gray Matters meeting on April 3, 2024, James Sully Sullivan came to tell us his own story and how he recovered from such a dark place. Many of Sully’s family members had mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, such as his mother and daughter. While his mother attempted a couple of times, his daughter spoke up about her feelings and was admitted for treatment. These experiences led himself into having mental health issues as well, but thankfully Foster’s parents, Jaime and Kevin, were there to talk with him. Because of Foster’s voice, Sully is in a much better place today and is even traveling to the Capitol to discuss getting more funding for mental health, especially in schools.

Just like Foster, there is no way to know exactly what someone is going through, so be kind and make sure to check on your peers from time to time even if you don’t talk to them often. The smallest compliment can change anyone’s life for the better.

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