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Mental Health in School


Mental health, along with physical health, is an extremely crucial component in students’ overall health. Anxiety and depression can increase risks of health problems, which can become long-term resulting in strokes, heart diseases, and even diabetes. Balancing your mental and physical health is something all students should become more familiar with throughout their years of schooling. 

Students can look at their schedules and easily decide how much time each assignment will take to complete. At the same time, setting aside time to hangout with friends, visit family, relax, or exercising. Highschool can be really challenging and time consuming to students, especially when procrastination comes into play. 

Another way students can manage their mental health is taking time to journal every once in a while. Often, younger students avoid expressing their feelings to their friends or family because they don’t want to appear vulnerable. If student’s took the time to validate their thoughts and feelings, it’ll become easier for them to improve their mental health. Unresolved emotions in our minds can become more difficult to manage. 

Adolescence is a time of constant change, those changes can affect young people’s mental or physical well-being. Therapy can be a good way for students to let all their thoughts and emotions out in a more confidential way. Therapy sessions can improve self-confidence, self-esteem, or their overall moods in general. Counseling can help teens learn skills such as communication, empathy, sympathy, awareness, and emotional regulations. 

Reaching out to trusted adults, teachers, and even close friends can be beneficial to students’ overall mental health. It can provide studying to be easier, more people to rely on, and improvement on their grades. 

With that being said, students should be guided to help balance their mental and physical health during school. Learning how to manage stress and feelings can reduce unnecessary health risks in the future. With an improvement in their mental health, it can also drastically improve their current academic performance if they have the help they need to succeed.  

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