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How to Romanticise Your Life


Life is stressful, there is no question about it, which is why many people started popularizing a certain way of living: romanticise everything. You have probably heard of the phrase “romanticise your life” as it suggests people to take the small moments in life and make them more significant and beautiful—but what does that mean? Not many go into depth about romanticism and what it requires, but in essention it means to appreciate and acknowledge all moments in life to make it more enjoyable; you don’t need something great and grand to happen to you in order for your life to be good. You might think romanticism, from definition, is a hard mindset to get into, but it’s actually quite the opposite!

To start, you can appreciate the small things you do on a daily basis by making them feel more special. For example, calling a simple coffee run a cute coffee date for yourself changes the way you look at it: it feels as if you’re treating yourself to something nice rather than doing it out of necessity. To continue this mindset, start to appreciate the sensations you feel whenever you do something. It can be something as simple as savoring your meal or the coziness of snuggling under soft covers atop a pillowy mattress. Furthermore, changing the way you view and word things can also change your mindset. For instance, if you dread doing something like chores (washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning your room, etc.) instead of saying “Ugh, I have to do, _______” say “I get to do _______!” Phrasing things in such a way can make you feel more inclined to do them and make you feel as if you’re doing out of your own volition rather than out of obligation.

With that all being said, you don’t have to make big changes to appreciate your life. Just try to acknowledge the things and people around you, and most importantly, yourself, and find pleasure in being grateful for everything you’re capable of doing.

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