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Insecurity Balloons


As human beings, we all have some sort of insecurities about ourselves that we may feel ashamed or embarrassed of. However, you can start to let go of those insecurities that drag you down by picking up a balloon.

The balloon activity, which took place last week at the Gray Matters meeting, is a great way to force yourself to see what is constantly bringing your self-worth down. After blowing up the balloon, you can write all of your insecurities on it with a sharpie or marker. Then, you can pop the balloon, which symbolizes a new beginning for your views of yourself and your worth.

Our insecurities also feed into any sort of mental health issues and can also make people more prone to gain a mental health issue from their low self-esteem. Some other negative effects of listening to your insecurities are: having difficulty trusting other people, feeling paranoid in certain situations, and overall overcome your life with negative feelings and thoughts.

Besides the balloon activity, there are many other things we can do to change our views on our worth. Like in the balloon activity, we can challenge our negative thoughts whenever they occur and really think about why we are thinking that. Whether it be because of stress or a bad day, challenging the negative thoughts helps us let go of those feelings.

Remember that you are not the only individual in this world who experiences insecurities, and some may even have the same insecurities as you. Encourage others to notice their self worth and treat themselves how they should be treated.

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