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Starry Night Gala


As some may know, the Starry Night Gala took place on November 4th, 2023, and it was an amazing night and a great experience for all who attended.

Hosted by the Gray Matters Collective and Foster’s Voice, Starry Night Gala’s purpose was to rightfully represent mental health as a whole while fundraising for the cause, and it did just that. The first gala event raised $40,238. This fund will go to those who can’t afford mental health treatment or therapy because of their financial situation, which is wonderful because no one should be limited from treating something that they can’t control.

During the night of the Starry Night Gala, Kevin Hines, a best selling author, public speaker, and filmmaker,  discussed mental health and how it related to his own life story. At 19, Hines decided to cut his life short and jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. At the time he was committed to his decision, but when he actually jumped, he changed his mind.

Usually, those who decide to take their lives on the Golden Gate Bridge don’t make it because of the distance between the bridge and the water, and many may not know how to swim. However, Hines’s luck was with him that day and he survived because of the prayer he said as he fell, the sea lion underneath him that kept him afloat, and the quickness in which the Coast Guard arrived to his rescue.

Ultimately, suicide is never the solution to any problem, no matter how much pain it’s causing you. Instead, seeking professional help or just talking with someone you trust can make a big difference.

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