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California’s New Mental Health Plans

Californias New Mental Health Plans

California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, has made plans that could potentially benefit people with mental disorders, or people who are living on the streets. Specifically, this applies to those with schizophrenia or a similar disorder, but disorders like depression and bipolar disorder don’t qualify. Not only this, but this new law could lower California’s homelessness rates dramatically.

Any relative or friend can file a petition if they feel as if someone close to them is in danger of harming themselves or others. This also applies to relapsing or if the individual just needs some type of support system to help them get through a difficult time in their lives. The file will then be analyzed, and if they are eligible for the plan, the court will allow them to have the housing, medication, counseling, and social services that they may need to be their best selves again.

There was a concern as to what would happen if the person refused to participate in the counseling or any other help they may have needed, but the participant is under no obligation to go through with the plan. The counselors or social service workers can only try their best to keep a steady and trusted relationship with that person to ensure they don’t take part in any harmful activities.

As for homelessness, more emergency shelters are being built, and according to, “10% of more than 2,500 beds are open for people.” The homeless must be relieved that something is being done to help them live the best life possible because everyone deserves a chance at a rich, fulfilling life.

All in all, these new actions being taken is a great step for adding length onto people’s lives and also for bettering society. The CEO of the National Alliance on Mental Illness in California exclaims, “For us, it is just really about making sure that our loved ones have the best life that they could possibly have…Living on the streets and dying on the streets is not the way for anybody to live” (

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