Somnambulist: A Touch of Insomnia


A piece based on the Bare Feet Asphalt story.

Daylen DeKeyrel, Writer

On my journey to drip feed interesting articles. One idea comes to mind all the time, and that’s my iconic sleepwalking and other related forms of involuntary consciousness. Amongst my family there have been many interactions with my somnambulate actions. Supposedly I am one to sleep talk effortlessly, although sadly in recent times I have no quotes to share. Sleepwalking occurs because of stress and sleep deprivation. I have had these sleep occurrences since I was a child. No matter what I’ll do most likely I will still somnambulate.

Milk After Cereal:

On the topic of cereal; what’s your favorite cereal? This was a summer Saturday morning. I still wasn’t up, yet I was making a bowl of cereal unconsciously. I woke up mid bite and involuntarily shoved the spoonful of Apple Jacks into my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised, and if I were to rate this sleepwalk it would be an absolute 10/10. I remember the cereal being the most perfect filled bowl of cereal. That could be my memory playing tricks on me, but I still think it’s impressive to be sleeping whilst making it.

Bare Feet on Asphalt:

I had a dream the same night during this occurrence. I had a dream that begs me that it correlates with somnambulating outside. It was quite a vague dream, but I remember walking in a long and narrow version of my house. That was about it then I finally woke up. I awoke standing, cold and confused, and I was still delirious as an insomniac. It was a real scare to me, even though I was directly in my parking lot staring at the big barn. I felt almost as if I was lost. Not fun, but I would rate it a 2/10. Even though it’s not great to wake up outside it’s still an interesting story.

Sleep TV:

The last two were one-offs, (As far as I know) and I thoroughly remember those. Sleep-watching-TV is one of the most ordinary sleep walking occurrences that happen. I wake up watching TV, and it could be anything from cable to Netflix. As of recent times it has been video games, and now that is something I don’t know if I am good at. Some of my favorite cult classic movies come from waking up to them playing. 10/10 “I’m too lazy to turn on the TV.”

Sunday Routine:

There is no context needed in this story. I woke up dressed and ready for church on a Monday. I guess I didn’t know I was a devout man of God, even on Monday. 3/10 “It’s not Sunday”

“I Can’t Sleep”:

This is by far the most common of my sleepwalking movements. Sometimes I roll in my sleep and even sometimes, I fall on the floor. That’s probably not related to this; but I wake up downstairs on a couch, chair, carpet floor, kitchen floor, and maybe even the garage. Usually I have a vague idea of how I got there, even though I sleepwalked. The most recent time I’ve done this was the fifth of this month.

When you wake up with the unknown feeling of how you got there. It makes you question your situation and reality. Sleepwalking can become dangerous like driving a car, or jumping out of a window. Don’t wake up a sleepwalker especially, because that break in reality is so sudden and startling for the somnambulist. That’s my experience with sleepwalking. Something that is scary and that I fear because, I don’t know what I’m doing.