Ranking Disney Halloween Movies


Karly Wampler, Writer

With Halloween being soon, it is time to watch some great Halloween movies. There are a ton of good Halloween movies, but if you have ever wondered which one is the best, it’s a hard decision. Here are the top 14 Disney Halloween Movies.

14. While this movie has a good plot, you can’t say it’s not creepy. The Nightmare Before Christmas is very creepy with the puppets. It’s also number 14 because while this movie is a Halloween movie, it also intertwines with Christmas, which makes it not fully a Halloween movie.

13. My Babysitter’s a Vampire is a good movie, but it just seems to be missing some Halloween touch. It does have to do with vampires, but that’s not what totally makes a Halloween movie.

12. Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge comes in at number 12 because while it’s a Halloween movie, it just seems kind of blah compared to the other movies in the series. When you think of Halloweentown movies, this one just sticks out as the worst of the 4.

11. Just missing the top ten is Spooky Buddies. This movie is a great Halloween movie, but there are definitely more that are better. While it does get you in the feel for Halloween, there are some that just do more.

10. Hotel Transylvania is a great Halloween movie. It gets you in the mood of monsters, and Halloween. It also has a great plot, but is just missing something.

9. While Ghostbusters is a classic, it just needs something else besides the monsters they fight. While some monsters are scary, others are funny and are definitely favorites.

8. The Haunted Mansion is number 8 because not only does it have a great plot, it also is very creepy. This movie definitely makes you feel like it’s time for Halloween.

7. Halloweentown High has such a great plot that makes you feel ready for Halloween fun. It definitely has Halloween vibes, but there are other movies that make it feel like Halloween.

6. Just missing the top 5 is Twitches Too. This movie is a great follow up to Twitches, but it needs just a tad more Halloween.

5. Girl Vs. Monster is a great Halloween movie. It feels like Halloween, and has some great songs to go with it.

4. Return to Halloweentown is another great Halloween movie. The university they attend makes it feel like a Halloween movie because the castle is so old.

3. Twitches comes in at 3. It’s a great Halloween movie about twin sisters who reunite on their 21st birthday, which just happens to be on Halloween.

2. Hocus Pocus is number 2. It is a fun-filled movie great for Halloween. Focusing on the Sanderson Sisters, who are witches, who are back from the dead after 300 years.

1.The best Disney Halloween movie is definitely Halloweentown. It’s a fun filled movie set in a town where all the monsters, ghouls, and more live, called Halloweentown. This movie is number 1 because it takes in everything Halloween, has a great plot, and is hilarious.