Favorite Foods


Olivia Thomsen, Writer

If I could eat any food every day it would be ice cream! There are so many types of food, and so many options to choose from. I asked some of your fellow classmates what food is there favorite! What is your favorite food? Do you and your fellow friends have the same favorite foods?

Britani Trujillo – Chinese food

Eric Thorndyke – Chicken strips (not cooked at home)

Bianca Schnerre – Homemade enchiladas 

Olivia Thomsen – Ice cream

Gracie McHenry – Spaghetti 

Emily Hickerson – Bacon cheese burger

Emily Olson – Mac and cheese

Grace Passno – The chicken bacon ranch wrap from Maple Street 

Sadie Lough – Pasta

Elle Irey – Candy

Phillip Dochterman – fajitas (steak)

Saylor Gates – Pasta

Ella Sunberg –  The Street Tacos from Los Agaves 

Kayleigh Kovac – Chicken tenders with fries and has to include ranch

Braylin Crosc – Pasta

Maggie Nedved – Ice cream

Kaitlyn Wilburn –  The Dumplings from PF chang’s 

Luke Moen – Corndogs 

Alec Noyd – Buffalo wings

Mason Anderson – Tacos

Keegan Rummery – Spaghetti

Rachel Bowers – Chips with salsa/queso/guacamole

Brylie Roberts – Mexican foods

Max McElyea – Sushi food

Melaina Meisenburg – Tamales

Mary Mohr – Enchiladas and rice

Alex Edwards – Pasta 

Mackinzie Washburn – Spaghetti

Austin Ferry – Steak

Tessa Jackson – Chicken strips and watermelon 

Katie Christensen – The cheesy gordita crunch from Taco Bell

There are 100’s of foods around the world! As you can see there is such a variety of favorite foods that people enjoy! But these are just a few of your classmate’s favorite foods that they enjoy! What foods do you enjoy? Do you share any food interests with your fellow classmates? What foods do you want to try next?