Eleanor W, Writer


Currently writing this article I am a beautiful example of procrastination. It is 11:55 the day before this article is due and until five minutes ago I did not know what I was writing about. 


Procrastination is a funny thing that many can attest to experiencing. A 2010 study found that 20% of the US population are chronic procrastinators. 

But we all experience procrastination on average. Pushing away tasks to a later due date  is something that most high schoolers are very well versed in. 


But here are some tips and tricks that may help. 

  1. Stay organized 

Keeping organized gives you a head start to knowing what is going on around you. This will also keep you aware of due dates.

  1. Recognize that you are procrastinating. 

This also means staying organized, knowing what needs to be done will make it more obvious to you of your own procrastination. 

  1. This is cheesy but ask yourself “why”? Why do I want so desperately to avoid this task?

To procrastinate means to go out of your way to avoid something. Confronting this fear allows you to address it but not give power to it. 

  1. Set up a plan 

I do not know about you but I love plans. Setting up a track for me to run on is something that brings me a lot of peace. 

  1. Give yourself Goals and rewards.

Though this may seem a little silly at first but this can have great results. Allowing yourself to work towards something a little less daunting like a complete assignment, and something more along the lines as a paragraph of the assignment. This will create a positive association in your brain with homework, rather than a bad one.  

  1. Hype yourself up!

Saying things like “this is terrible ” and “ I Hate This” though may be true is a bad thing to confess. Instead try complimenting yourself. Saying things like “I can do this” and “I am Smart”. Though feeling silly really does help. 

  1. Create a work space. 

Though beds and bed rooms may be comfortable they are neurologically associated with rest and relaxation. Though all these things are all good they are not quite the environment we are looking for for work. Personally I have a table that I consistently use as my work station. I know when I sit there that that is where work is done. I do have to say that after doing this for a while I no longer was able to sit there comfortably without feeling as though work needed to be done. 


Though obviously not a full proof plan to gain victory over procrastination, viewing as I am writing this at 12:32 on a school night. I think you and I can learn anything or two on how to better succeed at not doing procrastination.