Favorite vs. Least Favorite Thanksgiving Food


Rachel Bowers

As you all know, Thanksgiving is just right around the corner. Next Thursday, many of us gather with our families and have a big Thanksgiving meal. This meal is filled with many different types of classic Thanksgiving food. I thought that I would go around and ask people in our school what their favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving food is and why.

Favorite Foods:

-Mr. Lister: Mashed potatoes because, “The way my family makes them is amazing because they are nice and fluffy loaded with cheese.”

-Max McElyea: Ham because, “It just tastes good.”

-Mr. Hutton: White meat turkey because, “I like the taste of it. And we only have turkey once a year. It is special.”

-Ashlee Amador: Mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, and macaroni and cheese because, “It is just a family tradition and they are all so delicious.”

-Delaney Taets: Stuffing because, “It’s so yummy.”

-Valerie Hickerson: Rolls because, “I just like rolls. They taste good with butter on them.”

Least Favorite Foods:

-Landon Gekas: Cranberry sauce because, “The texture is weird because it comes out of a can. It also tastes really bitter.”

-Gus Nedved: Canned corn because, “It does a terrible job representing.”

-Derek Dykeman: Sweet potato casserole because, “It tastes like it is fresh out of the ground.”

-Caiden Mielke: Green bean casserole because, “It’s terrible.”

-Claire Weber: Stuffing because, “It is just mush.”

As you can see, there are hundreds of different foods that can be served on Thanksgiving. We all have different opinions on which foods are the best and the worst. I hope that all of you enjoy Thanksgiving break next week. Happy Early Thanksgiving!