Osco Barn Spray Paint

Hailey Schoutteet, Writer

Orion Seniors had an exciting weekend. The yearly tradition for seniors is to paint the farmer’s barn in Osco. I’m sure at this point the only thing holding up that barn is the spray paint.

Here are some of the photos from that night:




Back: Colin Essary  Front: Jessica Evans, Hailey Schoutteet, and Nadine Boos                                                                         Caption: Colin is spraying paint in the air as everyone says cheese for the picture.





From right to left: Hailey Schoutteet, Jessica Evans, Jayden Smith, Nadine Boos, Colin Essary, and Lauren Dobbles       Caption: Lauren is the star of this photo (obviously) as everyone poses for the picture.






Jenny Abbott and Lauren Dobbles                                                                                                                                                            Caption: Jenny and Lauren are smiling as they spray paint in the air



Group: Nick Sturtewagon, Nadine Boos, Cody Hanson, Kaiden Hixson, Jayden Smith, Kara Reid, Haley Marshall, Lauren Dobbles, Ava Bollinger, and Colin Essary                                                                                                                                  Caption: Everyone is posing as Colin, a very tall person, manages to get everyone in the photo.




Group: Colin Essary, Lauren Dobbles, Nadine Boos, Kara Reid, Jayden Smith, Hayley Marshall, and Jenny Abbott          Caption: I honestly don’t know how to explain the craziness that is going on in this picture but Jayden is posing like there is no tomorrow. Way to go Jayden.



Conner Green and Jenny Abbott                                                                                                                                                              Caption: Conner and Jenny pose for the picture and it looks like Conner is regretting all of that spray paint on him.






A very blurry group picture with most of the seniors this year.






Here is the barn the morning after. Photo credits to Nadine Boos