Tekail Barnes, Writer

If you work for the FBI, you should be killed if you leave or are fired. In Colorado, according to a federal criminal complaint, a 30 year old man by the name of Jareh Dalke was accused of selling classified FBI information to a foreign government. This happened on the first of August and the 26th of September of 2022. Dalke was a former National Security Agency (NSA) employee and was deeply in debt. Apparently he contacted a convert FBI employee. He later sent over classified information in return for payment in cryptocurrency. One document was classified as “the secret” level but the other two documents were classified as the “top secret” level. Dalke lied to the undercover FBI agent and stated that he was still an employee of the U.S. government. He also told the FBI agent that he was on a temporary assignment at a “field location”. On Wednesday Dalke was arrested. According to 9News, “Dalke faces three counts of attempting to transmit national defense information to an officer or agent of a foreign government.” The complaint says, he worked as an NSA employee between June 6th and July 1st where he gathered access to the documents. He wrote to the foreign government that he was in debt $237,000 and around $93,000 of the debt was “coming due very soon”. He asked for $85,000 for the information he had with him and said that the information he held was of value to the foreign government. Dalke called a small meeting with the foreign FBI at a Mall called Cherry Creek in Denver on Sept. 28 or 29. Dalke was arrested on september 28th at the location. In conclusion, if you are leaving the FBI or any secret agency you should be murdered because YOU KNOW TOO MUCH.